7th Empire Media is a production company with a mission to create a culture of human rights and a sustainable planet through imaginative media that makes a real impact. 7th Empire is committed to creating compelling film, television, and new media that inspires and engages a global audience.


American Bankster

Client: The Opportunity Agenda

Campaign: An homage to gangster movies and the real criminals of the housing crisis, American Bankster was used to advocate for financial institution reform.


Lunch Encounters of the Third Kind

Client: One Tray

Campaign: Lunch Encounters was used in successful presentations by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and lobbyists to advocated for legislation for healthier school lunch.


One Penny More

Client: The Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Campaign: One Penny More was a pivotal communications tool in a successful campaign for Florida grocery stores to pay one penny more per pound for tomatoes to insure better conditions for farm workers.


Portrait of an Ocean Farmer

Client: 3D Ocean Farmer Brendan Smith

Campaign: This short film was used in a successful KickStarter campaign that raised almost $40,000.


Portrait of a Sustainable Farmer

Client: Real Food Media Project

Campaign: Used in a public education campaign aimed at showcasing solutions.


IATP Series

Client: Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Campaign: This one minute shorts series raised the profile of media leaders in the field of food and garnered press.